Sunday, March 25, 2012

The blinding lights of Positano

Good Morning Positano!
Playing the night away...
Source: BerlinRocks (TFS) ,French Glamour 1988-1995


Safakslook said...

Hi Mariam ,
thank you visiting my blog:) I love The Body Shop's products,especially the body butters smell very nice.
I'm little bit lazy for prepare homemade products:/ But generally i use natural oils for my hair( i mix almond oil-olive oil- castor oil sometimes with apricot oil) sometimes i use almond oil-castor oil for my lash. However i mix pine tree turpentine oil with almond oil,rosemary oil and i put drops this mix in my shampoo(for 200 ml shampoo with 20-25 drops mix oil) i like this mix.
Finally i use mineral water as face tonic.
There are too many recipes,but i am little bit lazy:( i just share with you that i use:)

Aylin said...

Hey sweety, thanks for your comment on my blog!

Wow this pictures are amazing! Love the 90´s! So elegant!

Lila Moonlight said...

Ohh, maybe I saw your blog on Safak's blog, she is also one of my cutest blogger friends : ) I love Positano, have been there once with my parents when they came here for my wedding I took them there for a daily trip and we were all so impressed. I am hoping to visit it again this summer with my husband : )

A Cup of Nostalgia said...

Thanks girls!

@Safakslook Thank you so much Safak for your detailed response! I really appreciate it =) I didn't think of mixing oils, that's a great idea! I will try it and let you know =)

@Aylin You're very welcome sweetie! Thanks so much for visiting!

@Lila Moonlight My dear, I am so thankful for all your comments - they made me smile! I am so glad that this post brought back happy memories for you, that is my aim! You are so lucky to have gotten to visit Positano!