Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wall Decor DIY: Vintage Dior Ads

"Honey, I'm home!"

Just kidding!

So the holidays are around the corner and it got me thinking...what would I like for the holiday season? 

Well for starters, these pastel Dior vintage advertisements are just lovely!

A huff and puff of lace and everything nice, spells Dior lingerie...

We're not done yet ;)

Oh la la, what do you make of French perfumes? They are the stuff of legends, no? Tres elegante...

I like these pastel babies so much that I want them on my wall! So let's get a move on ;)


So to mount these awesome vintage ads on the wall, I'm going to treat them like they are posters or prints!

Below is a very minimalist, sleek black frame from Ikea, that I think will do very nicely with the pastels. Can you picture the bold black together with the soft pastels? Yowza! This is a keeper ;) 

Simply buy 3 of these frames, insert the 3 ads in them, and mount them side by side along a clean white wall. You're done!

The second option is to buy, what I call, "cluttered frames", and mount them on the wall as the focal point. Make sure you have 6 separate vintage advertisements to go with them!

And Et voila, I hope this DIY gave you a few ideas! But don't stop here - the sky's the  limit! You can use old black and white pictures, vintage magazine editorials, to fill up those stark walls!

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Show Us A Forties Tomboy!

I kid you not, when I first saw this look, I was smitten! The nonchalant oversized ("boyfriend?") shirt, the casually rolled-up sleeves, the classy shorts, the wide brim hat, mile long legs, that smile, and that perfect accessory - the paddle (boat oar?) with a suitcase strung through it! Have you ever seen a more quirky 1940s picture?!

I am going to make it my mission next summer to recreate this look to a T! Yes siree.

So let's start us off with a crisp oversized shirt, shall we? I chose a Uniqlo shirt that promises to be iron crisp!

Next up, those sleek classy shorts! Who does it better than playful French designer, Carven?

That careless, straw hat! Melissa Obadash, anyone? Oh alright, the straw hat has officially received an upgrade! ;)

Finally, the scarf and the Topshop belt! Or what I like to call, the final touches :)

My humble thanks and gratitude to the person who shared this picture on The Sartorialist. I dedicate this post to you! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Parisian Vintage Swimsuits

L'Officiel Paris (from June 1977)

L'Officiel Paris 1950


Some summer inspiration! I really like the pastel colours, the stripes, and one-piece swimsuits!

Motherhood moments...

While I am not a mother, this post is dedicated to all the young mothers out there. 
American artist, Mary Cassatt, really captures motherhood like no other I've seen. She paints such a pretty picture of it - pretty mothers, pretty children, pretty settings. 
Heartwarming really!

Double Take

Paintings by American artist, Duffy Sheridan. 

I had to look twice at these paintings because the first time I thought they were photographs, and it was only the second time around that I realized that they were paintings!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello spring!

What does spring mean?

Playfulness, the unveiling of the inner child, pure joy, and utter carefreeness are the true traits of spring!

Spring must not live outside alone but must live inside your heart as well for you to truly enjoy the season!

How do you enjoy the season?

Breathe in the fresh air, feel the gentle breeze rustling your hair, admire the trees and flowers in full bloom, and FEEL grateful to be ALIVE!

Picture Credit: American Gallery

The French childhood you never had...

CREDIT: Museum Syndicate

These paintings were done by American artist, Ann James Massey, and they are both set in France

Now I am not an art person but I love the shades of intense colour used here and just the kind of thoughts and emotions they evoke within me - a kind of nostalgia for the French childhood I never had =)

Back to the drawing board we go

I know, I know - summer is fast approaching and here I am dwelling on coats! But don't you agree that the bold colours and patterns here can translate into a chic summer number?! And how colourful fabric can make even the dullest coat look fun and exciting?

So there are two things that can be gleaned from these 1930s sketches - fabric has the ability to change everything, from a gray winter coat to a bold summer dress!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Medley of French posters from the past

Bonjour mes amis,
I present to you a wide array of French posters from 1893 and beyond. Notice the attire of the ladies featured on the posters. The draping, structure, and form of their dresses are so similar to the dresses manufactured in the twenty first century. The colours too - sunny yellow and soft pastel - would not look out of place in our day.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The blinding lights of Positano

Good Morning Positano!
Playing the night away...
Source: BerlinRocks (TFS) ,French Glamour 1988-1995