Saturday, April 19, 2014

Anne Taintor: In Your Face

Source: Anne Taintor

I came across the work of witty Anne Taintor a few days back, and was struck by the comedic quality of her pieces. The artistry of the pictures, matching the tongue-in-cheek phrases, as well as the retro appeal just blew me away! The majority of her work focuses on married women, with a household to run, a husband to attend to, and kids to care for. There were fewer pieces about young, single women but of the ones I could find, the work above stood out to me. 

Anne Taintor offers her work in the form of notepads, purses, makeup bags, magnets, and more - wouldn't it be fun to pull out an Anne Taintor compact mirror on the subway? Edgy and chic at the same time!


Rainbow Gatherer said...

these are so lovely and fun=)


Hello, finally I am here. So sorry for late answer, I have been travelling and too busy at work. You are so kind with your sweet words. I appreciate a lot. Please send me email with your questions and I will try to give some light : ) ( double L in the middle )