Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Measure of Calm

Yes, you read right - this is an advertisement. To be specific, an anonymous 1920s advertisement, probably marketing the compact powder, shown in the picture. 

I don't know about you but this "advertisement" took me by surprise - not only does this pretty picture not look like a cheap advertisement, but this looks like a wonderful a work of art! Just look at the seamless shades of pleasant blues converging together, to form a rather fantastical representation of the times. The various shades of soft and dark blues, combined with the softness of black and white...make this an altogether calming, therapeutic picture. 

However, beyond the eloquence of the picture, there lies the strategic marketing of the 1920s advertisers. Notice the gold compact, the sponge, the shiny gold bangle contrasted on pale skin. Not to mention the glossy black hair - not too severe on the complexion, but sitting very softly - the trendy pencil thin eyebrows, the gentle flush of natural pink on her cheeks, as well as the soft shimmery silver eyeshadow on her eyes. This is a genteel woman, who is raised to remain regal and calm even on rocky shores....



Hello : ) sorry for returning here so late but life was so hectic. As you see I am not able to juggle everything at the same time, work, family, travel, friends, relatives, sport, hobbies, and a blog, not an easy job. I didnt forget about your email, it is there waiting for a calm time to respond. I like this add too, as you said it is a wonderful work of art : ) Have a nice weekend : )