Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wall Decor DIY: Vintage Dior Ads

"Honey, I'm home!"

Just kidding!

So the holidays are around the corner and it got me thinking...what would I like for the holiday season? 

Well for starters, these pastel Dior vintage advertisements are just lovely!

A huff and puff of lace and everything nice, spells Dior lingerie...

We're not done yet ;)

Oh la la, what do you make of French perfumes? They are the stuff of legends, no? Tres elegante...

I like these pastel babies so much that I want them on my wall! So let's get a move on ;)


So to mount these awesome vintage ads on the wall, I'm going to treat them like they are posters or prints!

Below is a very minimalist, sleek black frame from Ikea, that I think will do very nicely with the pastels. Can you picture the bold black together with the soft pastels? Yowza! This is a keeper ;) 

Simply buy 3 of these frames, insert the 3 ads in them, and mount them side by side along a clean white wall. You're done!

The second option is to buy, what I call, "cluttered frames", and mount them on the wall as the focal point. Make sure you have 6 separate vintage advertisements to go with them!

And Et voila, I hope this DIY gave you a few ideas! But don't stop here - the sky's the  limit! You can use old black and white pictures, vintage magazine editorials, to fill up those stark walls!

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