Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Show Us A Forties Tomboy!

I kid you not, when I first saw this look, I was smitten! The nonchalant oversized ("boyfriend?") shirt, the casually rolled-up sleeves, the classy shorts, the wide brim hat, mile long legs, that smile, and that perfect accessory - the paddle (boat oar?) with a suitcase strung through it! Have you ever seen a more quirky 1940s picture?!

I am going to make it my mission next summer to recreate this look to a T! Yes siree.

So let's start us off with a crisp oversized shirt, shall we? I chose a Uniqlo shirt that promises to be iron crisp!

Next up, those sleek classy shorts! Who does it better than playful French designer, Carven?

That careless, straw hat! Melissa Obadash, anyone? Oh alright, the straw hat has officially received an upgrade! ;)

Finally, the scarf and the Topshop belt! Or what I like to call, the final touches :)

My humble thanks and gratitude to the person who shared this picture on The Sartorialist. I dedicate this post to you!