Thursday, February 21, 2013

Parisian Vintage Swimsuits

L'Officiel Paris (from June 1977)

L'Officiel Paris 1950


Some summer inspiration! I really like the pastel colours, the stripes, and one-piece swimsuits!


Lila Moonlight said...

Me too : ) Welcome back to your blog. I saw your comment on Aylin's page and popped in again to see if there is a new post and I am glad there is : ) Have a lovely weekend : )

Lila Moonlight said...

Hi there : ) thank you so much for the sweet comments, I came to say hello and see your new posts that I missed when I was on holiday but no new posts, let me know when you make one : )

Sooji - Glam Mania said...

Hi!! These are gorgeous photos of classic swimsuits <3 Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and sorry for responding so late! I've used Shiseido Benefiance day with SPF and L'ancome UV Expert SPF50 for my face and used IOPE Air Couchion SPF 50 (it is like base, foundation, and mist in one product). On top of alittle powder, and shimmer highlights on nose, cheeckbones I sprayed Uriage Eu Thermale all over. Not much secret but hope that answers your question :) IOPE and Etude are Korean brands. Have a marvelous day!